Alleged perpetrators in acid throwing arrested in three hours

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– Narayan Dhungana

A woman in Sitapaila on Thursday late evening was subjected to an acid attack. Police was successful in arresting the alleged perpetrators in the crime within the three hours of the attack.

Police had at 9:00 pm identified the accused in the crime took place at 7:55 pm and arrested them at 10:45 pm. According to Metropolitan Police Range chief Senior Superintendent of Police Shyam Lal Gyawali, phone call details and the CCTV footage helped the police identify the accused on time.

The people detained on the charge of their involvement in the crime are Mohammed Alam from Laxmipur-4, Rautahat and his aide Indian national Faiyaj Alam. Both of them are temporary residents of Dallu, Kathmandu.
Mohammed owns garment factory in Kathmandu while Faiyaj is a worker at the same factory. A police squad led by Superintendent of Police of Metropolitan Crime Division’s Hobindra Bogati took them under control two from the factory.
At a press meet today, police said the accused have admitted to the crime during preliminary interrogation. The prime accused Mohammed said the woman did not act as his interest which prompted him to throw acid on her.

The survivor who was critically injured in the attack is being treated at the Kirtipur Hospital. The chemical has caused its effects on different parts of woman’s body. It was Faiyaj who was instructed by Mohammed to attack the woman. It is said she was preparing for her wedding and it was not tolerable for Mohammed.

They came to knew each other when the woman’s elder sister would work at the same garment. She had also worked there for a brief time before joining the Hotel Hyatt.

The crime was pre-determined and Mohammed called her many times under different pretexts. After his much pressure, she became ready to meet him at the place suggested by him. They spent some time chatting at a hotel. When the woman was on the way back to her room, Faiyaj who was hiding himself along the way, attacked her with acid.
Further investigation into the incident is going on, it is said. \

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Public health experts urge people not to come out from home except for essential work
Public health experts have suggested the people not to come out except for essentials work as there is still the risk of COVID-19 infection.
The specialists suggested the general people not to come out from home, saying there is still risk of coronavirus infection as COVID-19 infection has spread in community-level in India and Nepal has also lifted lockdown.
Joint-Spokesperson at the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr Samir Kumar Adhikari, urged the people to adopt precaution as risk of coronavirus infection has increased with the end of lockdown.
He asked people to come out from house only after adopting health criteria prepared by COVID-19 if there is urgent.
Dr Adhikari urged people to use mask, sanitizer and maintain social distance while coming out from home. The government had ended the four-month long lockdown from July 21 midnight.
Similarly, Executive Director at the Shukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, Dr Sagar Rajbhandari, shared there is risk of coronavirus infection as people have started returning from abroad as well as people, went in their home town during lockdown, have started returning in Kathmandu Valley.
Dr Rajbhandari added one should not go in crowd and gathering to protect himself/herself from coronavirus infection.
He also urged one and all to use mask, sanitizer and maintain social distance.


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