Landslide updat in Nepal

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Landslide obstructs Gorkha-Aanbukhaireni road section
Gorkha:  Traffic along Gorkha-Aanbukhaireni road section has been obstructed due to landslide from this morning.
Deputy Superintendent of Police at the District Police Office, Gorkha, Basudev Khatiwada, said that the road section has been completely obstructed due to landslide occurred at two places at Aathkilo along the road section.

Khatiwada added that the road at Bahrakilo along the road section has been collapsed due to landslide following incessant rainfall. The main check point entering the Gorkha district has been completely closed due to landslide.
Khatiwada shared that problem has surfaced to remove landslide due to continuous rainfall and preparation has been made to remove landslide debris once the rain stopped, said Chief at the District Traffic Police Office, Gorkha, Mitralal Dhakal. The road section was also obstructed due to massive landslide on Sunday.

No risk of outburst of glacial lake for time being
Sindhupalchok : The local administration in Sindhupalchok district has urged the citizens of affected area to remain safe, saying there is risk of bursting out the Keyrung Tshyo Glacial Lake located at Kutibazaar of Neelum district of Tibet.

Issuing a public notice on Monday, the local administration had asked the people of Sunkoshi and Bhotekoshi rivers basin to remain on high-alert and safe as the lake might burst at any moment.

The lake lies around 45 kilometers at Kutibazaar from Tatopani border point. The local administration suspected that there might be risk at Bahrabise and Bhotekoshi areas as the lake drains out in the Bhotekoshi river.

Chief District Officer Umesh Dhakal said that Neelum administration of Tibet through Tatopani-based Armed Police Force had informed Nepal to remain alert on Monday evening.

Tatopani, Sunkoshi, Bhotekoshi, Dolalghat, Sindhuli, Ramechhap and Tarai districts will be at risk if the lake bursts.
A meeting of the security bodies held on Monday urged the locals to relocate themselves to safer places, saying there is no situation to be worried as there was no heavy rainfall at Khasa area.

Dhakal said, “There is no guarantee of outbursts of the lake. Chinese citizens at border are also found to be moved towards Khasa. So we have also urged the locals to relocate themselves to safer places.”

Two go missing when house buried by landslide
Kawasoti : Two persons have gone missing when landslide triggered by continuous rainfall buried a house at Bulingtar Rural Municipality-2 in Nawalpur.

According to rural municipality chair Shashi Kiran Bastakoti, the missing are 61-year-old Sher Bahadur Nepali and his wife 57-year-old Khin Maya Nepali.

He added that search is on for the missing. It is learnt that some cattle were also missing in the incident.
According to district police office Nawalparasi East, a police team from Bulingtar police post has reached to the incident site. Meanwhile, a pick up van (Lu 2 Cha 6171) heading to Pitari from Dumkibas was swept away by a local river last night.

According to police, however, no human casualty was reported in the incident.

Narayani river crosses danger line with highest water level in 44 years
Citwan: The water level in Narayani river has reached 9.91 metres at 9 am today. This is recorded as the highest level after 44 years.
According to Narayani Basin Field Office Bharatpur chief, Ram Bikesh Ray, the water flow was measured 14,779 cubic metres per second at that time. Similarly, water level was measured 10.1 metres and water flow 15,300 cubic metres on 5th August 1974.
He added that it was measured 14 cubic metres water flow per second and water level was measured 9.6 metres in 2018.
The measurement of water level was recorded highest in 27 years at that time. The statistics shows that rainfall was recorded highest towards the head water of the river this year since 1974.
Ray further added that with this statistics, the water flow and water level is recorded highest in the river for 44 years. The river has crossed the danger line of the river which is eight metres water level and flow is 9,992 cubic metres per second.
Hydrologist Bikram Shrestha shared that the water level will remain same for 5-7 hours. He added that the water level and flow will drop from Wednesday. According to him, the water level increased as the pre-monsoon began earlier this year.

Rato River sweeps away man
A man was swept away by the local Rato River here today. The man who has gone missing in the river has been identified as Barendra Kapar, 40, of Bhangaha municipality-6, Mahottari, the District Police Office said.
Kapar was on the way to his home from Janakpur, Dhanusha on a bicycle and decided to cross the river by carrying the vehicle on his shoulder.

As he was about to set his foot in the river, he was instantly washed away by the river at Balawa municipality-11. Police has intensified a search for him with the help of locals, it is said.

Two killed, three injured in landslide
Darchula : Two persons died and three others were injured when landslide buried a house at Malikarjun rural municipality-8 this morning.
The deceased have been identified as Arjun Darjee, 27, and Milan Darjee, 22, of Lekam rural municipality-5, said member of Malikarjun rural municipality-8, Keshav Singh Dhami.
Similarly, house owner 35-year-old Laxmi Dholi, her nine-year-old son Subham and daughter Soniya, 14, were injured in the incident. Locals and police personnel had rescued the injured alive from the landslide, said a local Anil Khatri.
Deputy Superintendent of Police at the District Police Office, Padam Bahadur Bista, said preparation has been made to bring helicopter to take injured Laxmi and Soniya for further treatment.
The landslide had buried the house at 3:00 am. The deceased Milan and Arjun are brothers. Both the deceased were there in course of sewing clothes for Gaura festival.
The injured are now receiving treatment at Shankarpur health post, Pasti. The landslide has also damaged shops of Subir Singh Dhami and Har Singh Dhami.

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